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Utah State Correctional Facility
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Salt Lake City
In 2013, the Utah Legislature and Governor’s Office determined it was necessary to transition operations from the current prison in Draper (a more than 70-year-old campus) to a new facility. The overarching goal of this move was to replace the outdated facilities and aging infrastructure with a new, state-of-the-art facility. The Utah State Correctional Facility (USCF) officially began operations in July 2022. This 200-acre correctional facility is located five miles west of the Salt Lake City International Airport and is currently equipped to house just under 3000 incarcerated individuals. Research shows that a prison population’s surroundings play a crucial role in their psychological rehabilitation. Therefore, the Prison Relocation Team determined that the design of the new correctional facility must be well-thought-out. It must integrate multiple functions, delivering court and social services to the population while providing an environment conducive to recovery and rehabilitation. USCF features floor-to-ceiling windows in numerous housing sections, allowing those housed at the facility to enjoy natural light and views of the surrounding mountains. The design also focuses on programming and mental health care, even providing a space for a mothers and infants program. This program aims to provide incarcerated mothers the opportunity to be with their infants while incarcerated.
1480 N. 8000 W.
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1480 N. 8000 W., 84116, Salt Lake City, Utah